Along with our country's technology, constantly move forward, our technical staff, is trying to invent all kinds of technologies, and in the market, we can see that a variety of different technologies, its arrival, solves the problem of we, MIM metal injection molding is one of the technology, the metal powder injection molding and stamping which cost lower?

Metal powder injection molding has low cost. Both have to open the mold, stamping is stamping with metal sheet material, will produce waste because of material utilization rate. The cavity mold for powder injection uses metal powder for heating injection molding, and its material utilization rate is very high. And can be a molding to the position, and stamping may need to carry out multi-step stamping molding, the need for a certain number of punch, mold, more investment.

The above is the introduction of metal powder injection molding and stamping which is a little lower cost, low cost of course is our metal powder injection molding! Because it does not use so many equipment, the material is the same, so naturally the cost will be lower, and the cost of stamping will be relatively high, want to know more about MIM metal injection molding, you can contact us at any time to consult.