Analysis of the use of Metal-powder injection molding:

1.Metal-powder injection molding can reduce the maximum limit of alloy composition segregation, eliminate thick, uneven forging arrangements. In the preparation of high function rare earth permanent magnet materials, rare earth hydrogen storage materials, rare earth luminescent materials, rare earth catalysts, high temperature superconducting materials, new metal materials such as Al-Li alloy, heat resistant Al alloy, super alloy, powder corrosion resistant stainless steel, powder high speed steel, intermetallic compound high temperature structural materials, etc.) has the primary role.

2. A series of high-function non-equilibrium materials such as amorphous, microcrystalline, quasicrystalline, nanocrystalline and super-rich solid solution can be prepared. These materials have excellent electrical, magnetic, optical and mechanical functions.

3. Can easily complete a variety of types of composite, give full play to the respective characteristics of each component of the material, is a low-cost production of high functional metal and ceramic composite materials skills.

4. It can produce materials and products with special structure and function that can not be produced by general smelting method, such as new porous biological materials, porous separation film materials, high-function structural ceramic abrading tools and functional ceramic materials.

5. Can end nearly net formation and automatic mass production, and then, can usefully reduce the cost of production and energy consumption.

6. Can make full use of ore, tailings, steelmaking sludge, rolling steel scale, recycling waste metal as material, is a useful material regeneration and comprehensive utilization of new skills.