With the development of economy, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of various products and consumer goods in life. The most important point is the life of products and the sense of comfortable experience in the process of use. As most of the products involving movement in daily life, MIM gear processing can not be separated from gear transmission. The development of MIM machining plays a very key role in the updating of transmission gear machining technology.

Traditional gear from plastic, have the function of transmission, because of the hardness, led to the limitations of plastic gear application scenarios, plastic gears are used in most of the time force very small electronic products, now more and more products in pursuit of quality, chose the mim technology of metal gear, mim processing because of its advantages, Through metal powder injection molding MIM technology to one-time forming gear, greatly save the metal hardness is high difficult to process, in the cost and efficiency have occupied a relatively large advantage.

The maximum hardness of gear produced by MIM processing can reach 58-62hrC, which is unmatched by traditional processing technology. The continuous development of MIM technology has played a boosting role in the metal processing industry.