How can we ensure good quality and high efficiency in the production of precision parts?

Metal precision parts in the grinding process, will produce a variety of pollutants, among which smoke is the main by-product, it not only harm the health of workshop workers, and easy to cause production safety problems, but also affect the processing system and product quality.

The reason is very simple, the dust generated in the grinding process, rich in metal particles, if not treated, will have a great impact on the processing accuracy of metal precision parts. The most intuitive point is that dust deposition and diffusion will cause dust friction in the grinding process, but also make the workpiece processing surface quality deteriorates, roughness increases.

So, the question is, how to effectively control the dust pollution in the grinding process? The study shows that in the process of precision machining, the control of dust pollution hazard must be carried out from the source.

In the design of the suction cover, the grinding dust removal table is set up with the rear louver suction outlet, side suction outlet louver and suction work table, which can not only effectively prevent the splash of Mars dust in the grinding process, but also omni-directional collection of dust, dust absorption effect is quite pleasing.

In terms of purification efficiency, its high efficiency fan with built-in proprietary impeller structure, high speed power suction is greater, and its filter element is imported flame retardant filter element, the filter area is huge, far more than similar products; It can directly reduce the impact of smoke and dust on the filter element and prolong the service life of the filter element. The cumulative service time can reach 8000h.

As long as these two points are qualified, they can basically solve more than 99.9% of the workshop smoke problem, and can easily meet the local environmental assessment requirements, in the workshop to improve the internal environment, to ensure the safety and environmental protection of the factory workshop production.