Comparison between MIM process and traditional POWDER metallurgy process:

1. MIM process has high degree of freedom in shape, which can not be achieved by traditional POWDER metallurgy. Because MIM process not only has the advantages of traditional powder metallurgy process, but also uses micro powder, the finished product density of MIM process is high.

2. MIM uses raw material powder particle size in 2-15μm, while the traditional powder metallurgy powder particle size is mostly in 50-100μm. Traditional powder metallurgy is limited to the strength and filling density of the mold, and most of the shapes are two-dimensional cylindrical.

3. the traditional powder metallurgy method can generally be used in aluminum and zinc alloy melting point is low, casting liquid liquidity of good materials, but generally due to material limitations, resulting in its strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance are limited. And MIM process can process more raw materials.