Metal injection molding process, debinding and sintering are the two key links, because before the injection forming of feed preparation link to join a large number of organic binder, after forming ware, binder as powder carrier's mission has been completed, in order to assure the products after forming in composition with higher purity, will have to clean these extra binder removal, After the removal of binder, the billet becomes porous and fragile, and must rely on sintering to obtain density and certain mechanical properties.

In the industry, people have long known the use of degreasing furnace and sintering furnace and other professional equipment to complete degreasing and sintering tasks. The method of degreasing is according to the composition of the organic binder of different targeted use of heat degreasing, solvent degreasing, catalyst degreasing or a variety of degreasing method phase combination. Degreasing is a process of gradual diffusion from the outside to the inside of the billet, that is to say, the outermost binder of the billet is removed first, and the binder of the innermost part is removed last.

The harm of long degreasing time is self-evident. It can not only elongate the whole product production cycle, but also restrict the wall thickness or size of products produced by MIM process, making MIM process only suitable for forming parts with small size, thin wall and uniform thickness. For a long time, the industry has no better way for degreasing and sintering, only through professional degreasing furnace will need degreasing blanks completely degreasing, and then transfer them to the special sintering furnace for sintering. This is involved in the product of repeated movement of the problem, because the blank after degreasing almost no strength, so it is generally used hand plate, and the experience of the operator is very high, once a large number of orders, the labor intensity of the workers is also very large.

There is also an inevitable disadvantage of taking out the defatted workpiece manually and then putting it into the sintering plate configured by the sintering furnace. That is, due to the different technical level or experience of the workers, the blank will be damaged in the process of laying, causing unnecessary losses. Therefore, the industry is in urgent need of a new type of equipment that can focus on degreasing and sintering. With the increasing demand for MIM products in recent years, the application of more and more widely, the industry is in urgent need of simplifying process steps and shortening process time to improve production efficiency, so the demand for this new type of equipment is more and more urgent, degreasing sintering furnace emerged at the right moment.

Defatted sintering furnace, also called vacuum degreasing degreasing sintering furnace or integrated sintering furnace of the fast cooling, it can be realized in the same furnace degreasing, presintering, sintering and rapid cooling, and other processes, avoid the repeated ware quality issues brought by the removed, heating and cooling, at the same time also can reduce the labor intensity of workers, make whole MIM process cycle time became more compact, Production efficiency has been greatly improved.